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Book Totes – Medium


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Step into the allure of Tapis and Baag designer bags, a remarkable fusion of tradition and style from three distinct regions of the Philippines.

The canvas for these luxurious creations is the Inabel fabric from the Cordilleras. Woven by skilled artisans, Inabel holds the depth of history and rich tapestry of indigenous Filipino culture within its threads. Known for its durability and unique geometric designs, the fabric narrates stories of the Cordilleras, making each bag a piece of living heritage.

The artistry does not stop there. Each bag also incorporates elements of the Tinalak, woven by the T’boli tribe of Mindanao. Tinalak is revered for its intricate patterns, crafted using the resist-dyeing technique. Woven from abaca fibers and often featuring motifs from dreams and spiritual experiences, Tinalak adds an ethereal element to these bags, connecting wearers to the mystic world of the T’boli tribe.

Complementing the Inabel and Tinalak, Solihiya weaves from the skilled artisans of Luzon add an unmistakable touch of Filipino craftsmanship. Solihiya is a weaving technique, often performed with rattan, and is recognized by its sunburst pattern. It adds both visual and textural interest to the bags, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and tactile richness.

The resulting fusion is a Tapis and Baag designer bag: A piece of functional art that carries not just your essentials, but the narratives of diverse Filipino cultures. Each bag is a testament to the country’s traditional weaving techniques, exhibiting the skill, creativity, and heritage of Filipino artisans. With its masterful blend of materials and cultures, each Tapis and Baag bag is not just an accessory, but a celebration of the Philippines’ rich cultural tapestry.

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Dimensions10 × 14 × 6 in

Purple, Orange, Beige, Green, Maroon, Blue, Red


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