Designer Wear

Immerse yourself in the sublime fusion of tradition and trend with Tapis and Baag’s designer clothes. Our collection exudes a unique style that seamlessly weaves the rich heritage of Cordilleran Inabel into the realm of modern fashion.

Every piece is handcrafted from the finest Inabel fabric, traditionally woven by our skilled artisans from the Cordilleras. The intricate patterns, inspired by the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes of the region, carry the touch of heritage while embracing a global aesthetic.

Our designs embody simplicity and elegance, transforming the vibrant Inabel fabric into chic, everyday wear. From comfortably tailored blouses and dresses to stylishly modern trousers and jackets, each garment is thoughtfully designed to make a statement, yet effortless to wear.

With Tapis and Baag, the Inabel fabric transcends its traditional roots, becoming a part of everyday ready-to-wear fashion around the world. Experience the richness of our heritage and the comfort of contemporary design with our unique Inabel collection – making cultural fashion accessible, one thread at a time.