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Book Totes – Small tote with strap


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This bag is a testament to the rich tapestry of Filipino craftsmanship, seamlessly merging the distinct weaving traditions from the northern to the southern parts of the Philippines. The front showcases the intricate patterns of the Cordilleran Inabel fabric, with its precise geometric shapes and bold, earthy hues that carry the stories of the Cordillera regions. This is complemented by a band of T’nalak fabric, the dreamweavers’ craft from the T’boli tribe of Mindanao, whose ikat patterns are a visual poetry woven into the abaca fiber, symbolizing a connection to ancestral dreams and the land.

Contrasting these woven fabrics is the solihiya pattern, typically made from rattan and revered in Ilocos and Pangasinan for its strength and beauty, which forms the lower half of the bag, adding texture and durability. The bag features a sleek durable strap, allowing for comfortable shoulder or cross-body wear, and a top handle for a classic hand-carried option. This piece is not just a bag but a narrative of Philippine heritage, representing the unity and diversity of its cultural landscape

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Dimensions9 × 11 × 6 in

Purple, Orange, Beige, Green, Maroon, Blue, Red


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